Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beginnings and Endings
Erica Orloff blogged about beginnings on Friday. That got me to thinking about my current WIP. I usually write a chapter or three when I start a wip and then throw it out later because I realize that I'm just writing back story. But with the current WIP, I'm actually happy with the beginning. But thinking about beginnings just pointed out to me that I really suck at endings. It seems like I get to the point where the mystery is solved, the murder is caught, the disaster is avoided--then what? There needs to be something to tie everything together and it throws me for a loop almost every time. Then spyscribbler blogged about how John Irving said he writes his books backwards. All that made me realize that I don't really know how the current WIP ends. I mean, I know the basics of what happens, but I don't have that final climactic scene in my head yet. I need that scene so I know where I'm going. I think that's why this WIP has been so difficult in such strange ways. So, tomorrow, I'm NOT going to write on the WIP (much). I'll open my Notes file and write about writing it. I'll write about how I don't have that scene in my head and maybe that will kick something loose. Maybe.