Monday, March 05, 2007

Sucking up to Booksellers
Yes, I'm all for it! In fact, I'm doing a bookseller "basket" for the Romantic Times Convention. The RT people suggested stuff like tote bags, chocolate and (of course) autographed books. They also suggested something in line with the main character(s) of your book(s). My main characters so far are spies and PIs. So, I'm thinking of using a aluminium briefcase for my "basket", and of course I'll include several autographed copies of both books that are out now. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking of totes or coffee cups with my book covers on them but really, does anyone want to walk around with a tote that has a red veiny skull and the words BREEDING EVIL on it?
My friend Bobbie Cole/Lyn Cash suggested a maternity tee-shirt with that book cover. She's a sick woman, therefore a very close friend of mine.
It's really a shame that my next book isn't out yet because then I could include a camera. That book is a cozy mystery and the main character is a photographer. If you want to read an excerpt, go to my web site.
Oh, and I'm waiting for those suggestions!

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