Saturday, December 29, 2007

Break through

Finally! I've been wrestling with a plot point for days. And it took me a couple of weeks to even realize that was the point that was hosing up everything else. This particular plot point doesn't seem to be all that important, but there's a lot of later stuff that is based on it, so it was.
I went to the gym today. Lifted weights for about 20 minutes, then swam for half an hour, then jumped in the hot tub. After about five minutes of stewing in hot water, it came to me. I could hardly wait to get home and write it down.

Tomorrow we're going to see I Am Legend. I've heard a wide range of reviews for it but, hey, it's got Will Smith. How bad could it be?


spyscribbler said...

Congratulations on the plot point! I really need to do that workout/hot tub thing.

I hope you'll blog what you think about I Am Legend. I think I want to see that.

Julie Korzenko said...

Water always does the trick for me! It's where my muse hides.

I've seen I Am Legend. I definitely have mixed feelings. Love that Will Smith, though.