Monday, May 12, 2008

Yikes! It's been a MONTH?
Where did the time go? Oh, right. I was writing copy. Writing copy isn't as much fun as writing a book. No imaginary friends to play with.
But I have good news!
I just found out today that I'm going to be in the Author Spotlight on the RT website in July. Yay, me! The Author Spotlight is a special section of the website that is available to subscribers of RT. I'm excited. And I need to write a 300 word article. 300 words isn't much (unless I'm having a really, really bad writing day -- then it's perfectly fine!). And I have to choose a 500 word excerpt.
This is definitely fun stuff. Especially compared to writing about fireplace tool sets and screens. Hundred of them. Seriously. Hundreds.

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spyscribbler said...

Oh, wow, that's big! Huge congratulations! Yay! And did I miss your new cover over there, for "It Takes a Thief"? That's cool! I love how your covers work together.

Fireplaces? Wow.