Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm still here!
I got offered another copywriting job. It's like the old good news/bad news joke. Unfortunately the joke is that this time I'm writing copy for 154 sinks. At least they aren't all stainless steel.
Someday (soon, please the writing gods) I'll get back to my characters and stories. I just hope they haven't all forgotten what they're doing and why they're there and. . .I think I might have just given myself a headache.
But, seriously. Thanksgiving was wonderful. My daughter, Alana, and her family came over. Alana is a wonderful writer. But she has *completion issues*. She might outgrow them. She might not.
We all had a good time and lots of food. Somehow with a houseful of Buddhists and Pagans we ended up with a semi-Christian blessing. Although it did involve a "paws for Grace" which involves holding your hands up like kitty paws in memory of a cat named Grace. Pretty irreverent, so I loved it.
I had to laugh when Micah stood at the doorway of the kitchen and asked permission to enter. Then Alana explained that she'd told him the "rules" of my kitchen.
I'm one of those cooks who doesn't want anyone else in my kitchen when I'm cooking. I know where everything is. I know what has to be done and when (for the most part). Just stay the hell out of my way while I get the meal on the table.
I have a feeling I approach writing the same way. Evidently, I'll never give James Patterson a run for his money.

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spyscribbler said...

Now that sounds like a Thanksgiving I would have loved!

My mother is like you, so I don't help clean up, I don't help cook, nothing. She prefers it that way, she doesn't want anyone touching anything. But then last Thanksgiving my Aunt got all pissy on me about not helping. Grrrrr ... so SHE got up and helped my mother, who didn't want it, but then my mother had to act thankful, which made me look like a snot.

Eegads. Families.