Sunday, November 11, 2007

Slowly Hacking Away

At the TO DO list, that is. Copywriting is finished. Only one wall left to primer, although I still have 5 rooms left to paint. Starting the Business Plan this afternoon. Should finish the painting and the Business Plan by Friday. But, I decided I'm taking a couple of hours each day to write. Trying to break out of the "I can only do one thing until it's completed" mode.

And then there's promotion.
Some of my writer buds and I have been talking about promotion. We're all for it. None of us really has time to do it. I remember reading an interview with a fairly well-known, successful writer who said that she used to do book tours and signings and promotion but decided it wasn't getting her anywhere. It was much more important to write the next book and make it better than the last.
I have to agree. I really believe word of mouth is the most important promotion for a book. You can promote your ass off but if your book doesn't grab the readers, it won't do you any good.
Besides, I'm a writer, not a promoter. I'm happy to attend book signings, do interviews or whatever, but that's not my job. It's not my passion. I want to write. It's what I love. And if I'm good enough, the readers will seek me out. If not, then I need to fix my writing--not promote it.

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Knitterary said...

Hiya, Liz!

Write more, girl! And then when you're done, write some more! :D