Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to the drawing board

Yesterday, Erica Orloff blogged about POV and it got me to thinking about my current WIP. I've started it in third person. But I keep thinking that maybe I need to do first person. But there's information that needs to come from another person's POV, so then I'd have to do first and third. I don't really have a problem with that. James Patterson and other authors do it, so why not me? But most of the books in this genre are written in first person.

So, I've been stuck. Added to that -- I don't have a complete outline yet. And I LIKE outlines. So, as I was thinking about her post and about my WIP, I realized that I just don't know enough about where I'm going with this. It's a new genre for me. Well, a new sub-genre.

I love the premise and the story line so far. So much so, that I've been trying to skip some necessary steps in developing the story. So, I think I need to stop writing the WIP and do some thinking, write some notes, figure it out. Actually it's a relief to have an idea of where I've gone wrong.


spyscribbler said...

POV is a bear to change, but it's also kind of fun. I always learn a lot, and I think the writing improves by doing it in both. I love playing with POV.

Good luck!

Liz Wolfe said...

Spy, the first book I sold was written in both first and third POV. The publisher asked me to change it to all third. It wasn't as hard as I'd thought it would be and I think it gave the reader an intimacy with the main character.

Sara Hantz said...

I LOVE writing in first present. I struggle with anything else.

Anonymous said...

I like the way James Patterson does it in both. Gives you more insight.