Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Book Cover

I tried to post the cover on the sidebar, but for some reason Blogger stretched it out. I'll have to work on it later. But for now, I'll put it here. I think it evokes the feel of the story really well, and it fits with the other covers in the series.
Getting a new book cover is always fun. Of course getting the box of books from the publisher is even better!


spyscribbler said...

Awesome cover!!! It does fit with the other covers well. That black and spooky color theme. Very cool!

Aimless Writer said...

Great cover art! Definately something that would catch my eye in the store.

Liz Wolfe said...

Thanks for dropping by, Aimless. I really like it too.

Anonymous said...

Love the cover!!

Erica Orloff said...

WOW! Awesome cover!!! Congrats!

Liz Wolfe said...

Erica and Penny, Thanks for the congrats on the cover. I need to blog more often, but I like seeing the cover up there all the time...LOL.