Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And the writing grinds to a smelly halt...
A couple days ago The Husband shoved a jug of milk under my nose and said, "Does this smell bad to you?" It didn't. But then I wasn't the one who was about to drink it. Minutes later he poured it out. The next day, I bought more milk. That evening, I thought my white wine was a little more tepid than I like. And the veggie drawer was taking on an odor that was less than fresh.
I got out my meat thermometer and discovered the fridge was a balmy 60 degrees. The next morning I called a couple of appliance repair places only to discover it would be 2 days before anyone could come out.
It's been a long two days. At first we just ate food in the order of the expiration dates. Then we began to sniff everything suspiciously before tossing it out. By today, it was all bad. Milk, veggie soup, sour cream, lettuce, cucumbers, salad dressings, meats. All of it. ICK!
Good way to clean out the fridge though. Now, it's sparkling clean for when the repair person gets here -- tomorrow.
And I got NO writing done today.

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spyscribbler said...

Ohmigosh! I hope it wasn't too costly!

Ick. All that food, too! Wow. Food has gotten expensive, the last few years. I can barely afford cheese anymore!