Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to the writing
The fridge got fixed and I spent a chunk of the morning restocking it. I also went to the gym and to Wal-mart where everyone is shopping for back to school. Now, I can write. At least for a couple of hours before I have to do something else.
I'm finishing up the second chapter of a proposal for the fourth book in the Parker Investigations series. Hoping to get the third chapter finished by early next week and then I'll send it all off to my publisher (Medallion Press).
I also want to finish a cozy mystery by the end of September. I'm going to be in Tucson, visiting my family in October, so that would be a great time to edit the book--IF I get it done. So, that means writing about 8-10 pages a day.
Yeah, we'll see.

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spyscribbler said...

LOL. I'm supposed to have my current novella done next Thursday. Which means, let's see. 6,000 words a day?

Oh, boy.