Sunday, September 23, 2007

Working it out
I'm feeling distracted. My current WIP is a mystery and instead of sitting down and hammering it out, I'm wanting to write something else. This isn't actually unusual for me. It happens when I hit a part that's hard. A part that require me to think about what I'm writing. I actually wrote the first half of this book a while back, then life and other books got in the way, so I'm just now getting back to it. I've rewritten the first three chapters and I'm right at the point where I remembered that I don't have the entire plot worked out. I know basically what happens but there are details I haven't settled on.
And I'm feeling pressure. I'm spending the month of October in Tucson with my family so my writing time will be limited. I'd wanted to get the first draft done by now, but there was the wedding and some other stuff that had to be attended to. Although if I'd had that burning desire to write, none of that would have slowed me down. I would have sacrificed sleep or housecleaning in order to write.
Writing isn't a 9-5 job. There are times when I literally don't do anything else but write. The story pours out of me so fast that I can hardly catch my breath. Then there are days when squeaking out a page or two seems monumental.
At least I wrote in the blog today.


spyscribbler said...

Yeah, that burning desire doesn't happen every day. On those days, you gotta just pat yourself on the back, even if it's only a few words!

Are you telling me that we won't hear from you at all in October? I hope you have fun!

Liz Wolfe said...

I'll probably post on the blog whenever I get a chance. I just don't know how often that might be.

Sara Hantz said...

Enjoy your trip, Liz!!! Hope you get loads done.

spyscribbler said...

Are you almost back from Tucson yet? *insert whine* Almost yet?

You've been missed! Looking forward to your return! I hope you had fun!