Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Fine Mess

OK. Here's what really happened. I wrote a book. I liked the book, thought it was pretty good. Queried a whole bunch of agents with the book. Got a lot of requests for fulls and partials, but ultimately no offers. When I get rejected with personal comments, I try to learn from them. Unfortunately, the comments for this book were scattered. Some loved the character but didn't think the story was strong enough. Others thought the plot was great, didn't care for the character. One liked everything about the book but didn't think it was right for them.
On top of all that, the book was about a woman who is a Deputy U.S. Marshal working in the Witness Security Program. Right after all the rejections, the TV series In Plain Sight debuted. Which of course, featured a female Deputy U.S. Marshal working in the Witness Security Program. There wasn't a lot of other similarity but still...
So, the book set on the virtual shelf for a while. Then I decided to rework the entire book. Using some of the characters and some of the plot elements but adding a lot of different stuff -- like paranormal elements.
I've deleted a lot of stuff, reworked some of it and I'm in the process of putting in some other stuff and trying to make sense of it all.
I'm now at the point of hoping I can find the "fine" in the "mess".
But I'm really having fun with the paranormal elements.

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