Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making Banana Chips and Useless Scenes

I have one of those dehydrators that Ron Popiel used to sell on television. The husband loves beef jerky and we've made tons of it over the years. He's going on a camping trip next weekend. One of those where they have to hike two hours up a freaking mountain to get to the lake and campsite. You only take what you can carry in your pack, so we've been shopping for dehydrated food and making jerky. The husband mentioned that banana chips would be a good food to take and we remembered that Ron Popiel used to show how to dehydrate fruit on the dehydrator.
Sounded easy enough. Off to the store to buy a big bunch of bananas. I sliced them and placed them on the trays. A couple of days later I had little brown circles of leathery chips that didn't even taste like bananas. Figuring I must have done something wrong, I repeated the process, this time soaking them in a mixture of water and ascorbic acid to prevent the browning. They didn't get as brown but the result was much the same.
So, I went to the grocery store and to see if I could buy banana chips in the bulk food section. After brutally murdering two bunches of bananas I bought the chips for $1.46 a pound. I'm pretty sure that's less than the cost of the bananas I ruined.
Oh, and yesterday I wrote a two page scene. Then realized that it was totally useless and had no place in the book. Threw that away too.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was very attached to her food dehydrator. I remember her talking about the difficulties in drying bananas, and she either needed very green or very ripe ones in order for it to work. Can't remember which, though.


Liz Wolfe said...

Ohhhh. I think I remember reading that I should use green bananas. Of course, if I'd known the chips were only $1.46 a pound, I would have3 saved my self a lot of trouble...LOL

Lyn Cash said...

you need a new blog post, woman, but I'm glad I found this one! - lol

I remember thinking if banana chips and slices of apple would be great, how wonderful it would be to have all kinds of fruit, so I opened and drained a can of fruit cocktail. *groan* tasted wonderful, but all those little cherries and peach cubes slid through the holes, small as they were, and boy was it a bitch to clean up!!!!!!!!!


Grandma Scott said...

Hi Liz Grandma Scott checking your site out You Awsome book cover they stand out Natural Selection stands out the most. ...hugs G

Liz Wolfe said...

Hi G! Thanks for the comment. I really need to blog more

Rick said...

Liz, are you ever coming back??