Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Website Woes

You may have noticed over there to the left that I have a new domain. I didn't want a new domain, but I stupidly forgot to renew it in January and some other Liz Wolfe snapped it up. Who knew there were so many of us? To further confuse anyone who might go to the former site, the other Liz Wolfe is also a writer. At least that's the impression I get. Her website is a blog where she answers questions. I'm not sure where the questions come from but whatever.
So, now I have a new domain. No problem. But, I can't get my freaking pages to upload. I've been fighting it for a couple of days and I'll probably have to break down and ask The Husband for help today. Or call GoDaddy.
I know it's just that I'm doing something wrong but it's so irritating. And honestly, the only problem with asking for help is that I hate to feel stupid or incompetent. Even when I am. but it's either ask for help or waste more of my writing time trying to figure this out.
I'd rather be writing.

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