Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Book Titles

I've been lucky so far. My publisher hasn't changed any of my titles. Although it remains to be seen on the last two they bought. I wouldn't have minded on the first two books, Breeding Evil and Natural Selection, although I felt the titles were good ones for the book content.
I was in love with the title for my first cozy mystery, If It's Not One Thing, It's A Murder. And I was very happy that they kept that one. The next book in that series is Let Sleeping Dogs Die.

But I'm stumped for the title of the third book in the Parker Investigations Series. The title that really fits is It Takes A Thief. Kay Hooper wrote a Loveswept back in 1989 with that title. The other title that would work is Once a Thief, but she also wrote a book with that title. Neither of those books is anything like mine as far as plot, characters, etc.

Still, I'm reluctant to use the titles. Yesterday I saw a new book with the title Natural Selection. So, it's not like no one else is borrowing titles. Probably I'll leave this one up to the universe. If the book is meant to have a different title, it'll happen.

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