Monday, July 16, 2007

Life gets in the way of Art
Well, in the way of my writing anyway, which may or may not be art. Husband took the motorcycle to work today, leaving me the truck so I could run some errands later or possibly even go to the gym. Except. He called just minutes after leaving the house. Seems the bike was out of gas. Am I surprised? Not so much. Husband has a habit of believing there really is gas in the tank when it's only fumes. Must admit, this works for him most of the time. So, I take the gas reserved for the mower to him, but it doesn't do the trick. So we drive home, get the trailer, drive back and pick up the bike, then come home again and he takes the truck to work.
Now it's almost 10 and I'm a couple of hours behind my regular schedule. Which means I just read blogs and groups but haven't started writing.
Unfortunately there is still gas for the mower so I won't get out of finishing up the backyard today. Also, evidently all we did this weekend was trash the house so cleaning is now a priority. Writing is drifting further and further away.

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Penny said...

In a perfect world, cleaning would NEVER come before writing...:-)