Saturday, July 07, 2007

Puppy Love
I came this] [ close to having a puppy this weekend. My sister-in-law called to ask us if we wanted a Pug puppy that her son was giving away. We thought about it for a day and said yes. Our dog (a wolf hybrid) died about a year ago and we've gone back and forth on the puppy issue. But, really, we're both dog people and we really miss having one. Our two cats are entertaining, but they just aren't dogs. Sadly.
I've never had a pug. Actually, I've never had a small dog. But from what I read, Pugs are big dogs in a small dog's body. Perfect.
But this morning we found out that our nephew and his wife decided to keep the puppy. So, we're puppyless.
It wouldn't be so bad, but I had really gotten myself ready for a puppy. Of course, there's still the pound. And I know how to get there, too.

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