Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yes, I forgot to blog yesterday. And it's not easy to forget because I have a reminder in my Outlook which pops up at the most inconvenient times to remind me that I'm not blogging.
I also didn't get my reading in. Well, the little bit that I read when I go to bed. But not my designated hour of reading. Why do I need a designated hour of reading?
Because I write. So, reading is part of my job. Pretty cool job, huh?
I need to stay up on what's being published in the genres I write, and also in the genres I don't write because often a trend will begin in one genre and kind of work its way through to some other genres.
Also, I think reading a really good book is what initially made most writers want to write their own book. Either that or reading a really bad book. You know, the kind where you struggle to get through the damn thing, then end up throwing it at the wall before finishing it. I used to always read the entire book. Even if I decided it was crap by the second chapter. Now, I don't do that. As soon as I'm sure it's crap, the book gets tossed. But that usually doesn't happen until midway through the book. I mean, I want to give the book (and author) a fair chance.
What about you? Do you read the whole book even if it's crap?

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