Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dream Agents
There are several blogs I read every day. One of them is Bookends, LLC. Yes, Jessica Faust is in the top ten of agents I'd be thrilled to have represent me. I'm sure there are about a hundred thousand other writers who feel the same way.
Anyway, today, she talked about her dream client and her favorite client and then asked who our dream/favorite agent would be. This is a good thing to think about occasionally. And not in the Wouldn't it be great if so-and-so were my agent and there was a bidding war over my next book and then Ron Howard paid me millions for the film rights kind of thinking. Not that there's anything wrong with daydreaming now and again. But thinking about what you really want in an agent is good. Because you just might get lucky and have an agent offer representation and you'll need to know what you're looking for.
I want an agent who can do some editing for me. Sure, I edit myself, but I don't see everything. And sometimes, I'm in the middle of the damn forest and can only see the individual trees. And the individual trees may look fine, but the forest is kind of a mess. So, that would be good.
But the first thing I thought of was that I'd like an agent who could magically produce the last one or two sentences I need to wrap up the synopsis I just wrote. The entire synopsis needs another go around, but I can't even come up with the last couple of sentences. This is the part where I need to resolve the romance. I so suck at this part.


Penny said...

Just imagine how you'd like it to end if you were the heroine!
If that doesn't work, send it out to your critique partners...LOL

spyscribbler said...

Synopses scare me, definitely scare me! Good luck! Maybe you'll get them on the second go-around?

Liz Wolfe said...

The real trick to a synopsis is to write it before you write the book. I know that sounds strange, but it's really, really a lot easier. After you've written the whole book, you just want to put ALL of that into the synopsis.
So, don't be scared.