Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing a Series
I'm writing the fourth book in my Parker Investigation series. The series centers around three private investigators and the first three books each featured one of the women. Now that I'm on the fourth book, I'm questioning my writing.
I think it's the voice thing.
Each of these women has a very unique voice. Now that I'm writing a second story about the first character, I want to make sure I'm writing her with the same voice as the first book. Also, this book involves all three women more than any of the other books, so I'll have to make sure I'm keeping all the voices separate and clear.
I never thought that I'd go back and read the books I've written. I mean, by the time a book is on the shelf, the writer has read it at least a dozen times. But, I'm thinking that reading the previous books will be the best way to keep the voice and personality intact for the 4th book.

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spyscribbler said...

That's what I have to do when I do a sequel.

Um, actually, I have such a terrible memory, that if I take a day off writing, I have to re-read everything. Things just slip right out of my brain, I swear!